Participation at fairs

IBA Munich 2015


Modern Bakery Moscow 2015


Modern Bakery Moscow 2014


Modern Bakery Moscow 2013
Moscow 2013

Modern Bakery Moscow 2013

Bread confectioner Expo Kiev 2012
Expo Kiev 2012

Expo Kiev 2012

IBA Munich 2012
IBA Munich 2012

IBA Munich 2012

Modern bakery Moscow 2012
Modern Bakery Moscow 2012

Moscow 2012


MBK Brno 2012  

MBK 2012

MBK 2012


in a company with more than 60 years of tradition in engineering production, specialized not only in the supply of machines for the glass and bakery industry, but also in the custom production of parts and entire machines according to customer documentation.

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Actual news

7.12.2017 - New laser cutting of metal sheets

On November 30, 2017, a new technological machine for cutting of metal sheets was put into operation. For the new technology it was necessary to extend the existing plasma cutting hall by an additional 3.8 m.

The original plasma firing machine was replaced by new ByStar Fiber 6 kilowatt laser cutting machine from Bystronic for cuting of metal sheets up to the size of 3000x1500mm.