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Since 2010 our company supplies cyclothermic modular tunnel ovens under the trade name CPMP.

Development and testing CPMP began in 2009 and due to many years of experience in the manufacturing of industrial belt ovens for glass industry, we were able to use a completely different construction solution of oven compared to the competitors - modular design.

Modular design provides to bakers advantage, which consists mainly in quick installation of oven. CPMP doesn´t have to be welded at the installation site.

Also it is possible to easily adjust the size of the bake area according to the current requirement by adding or removing the module.

More about CPMP here.

Panoramatic Bakery


 Proposals of the ovens we process according to specific customer requests

  • We produce ovens CPMP of belt width 800 to 3600 mm
  • We supply complete lines for the production of bakery products in cooperation with company




Since 2010 we have been successfully delivering cyclothermic modular tunnel ovens under the division "SKLARSKE STROJE ZNOJMO - Bakery technology".

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The company with more than 60years tradition of engineering production, specializes not only for the supply of machines for glass industry, but also for piece production according the costumer requests and for the bakery industry...

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Actual news

7.12.2017 - New laser cutting of metal sheets

On November 30, 2017, a new technological machine for cutting of metal sheets was put into operation. For the new technology it was necessary to extend the existing plasma cutting hall by an additional 3.8 m.

The original plasma firing machine was replaced by new ByStar Fiber 6 kilowatt laser cutting machine from Bystronic for cuting of metal sheets up to the size of 3000x1500mm.