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Our company SKLÁŘSKÉ STROJE ZNOJMO, s.r.o. since foundation in year 1994 is specializing on machine-building custom production. Tradition, to which we proudly present, is indeed far longer, were based already in the year 1959.

Sophisticated system of technical production preparation and logistic department to us makes it possible to lead over exacting individual consumer requirements into full production documentation. Thanks to wide machine equipment and production possibilities then we realize production accurate mechanized elements, all locksmith works including welding all sorts of materials, CNC burning and metal plate inflexion, final varnishing surface treatment and full wiring system including industry switch–boards production. We fully support installation, customer service and supplies spare parts for our produced machines.

With respect to groovy custom production, company production possibilities, multiyear experiences and our workers's special knowledges we're able satisfy demanding requirements consumer on full documentation processing and production complex machines in HQ.

At present in our company works 170 permanent employees in 2 production manufactories in Znojmo. In our manufactories find on the whole 5800 m² process area and 3700 m² indoor stores, equipped with modern handling and lifting equipment.

Application up-to-date CAD, CAM constructive system to us makes it possible to productive development and innovation of our product and fast processing consumer documentation in all default formats. Multiyear cooperation with foreign customers brought into company high standard not only in production but also in the area quality control. Production documentation processing in technological detail makes it possible to production complex machines and equipments. Established complex ERP information system supports simultaneous processing large quantity of orders, tracing all single production operations and operative summary about the state of all orders.

The main components of our production program:

  • production of machinery for lines of glass containers (especially glass annealing lehrs, glass feeders, mould pre-heating ovens, conveyor systems etc.)
  • production of bakery ovens (cyclothermic modular tunnel oven CPMP)
  • cooperation custom production of components and complete machines according to the  customers documentation.

Most of our production is intended for export, the share of which oscillates between 70-80 %. 

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in a company with more than 60 years of tradition in engineering production, specialized not only in the supply of machines for the glass and bakery industry, but also in the custom production of parts and entire machines according to customer documentation.

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Actual news

7.12.2017 - New laser cutting of metal sheets

On November 30, 2017, a new technological machine for cutting of metal sheets was put into operation. For the new technology it was necessary to extend the existing plasma cutting hall by an additional 3.8 m.

The original plasma firing machine was replaced by new ByStar Fiber 6 kilowatt laser cutting machine from Bystronic for cuting of metal sheets up to the size of 3000x1500mm.