Significant milestones of company development

Závod 1

2014 - the plan of construction a new warehouse

2013 - expansion of cooperative production

increase of cooperative production of machinery for manipulation with sheet for global supplier.
expansion of the machinery of CNC machining
improving the painting process for a new dryer
expansion of welding possibilities  through new welding equipment and other professional welding tables
the addition of handling and lifting equipment for forklift about 6 tons and pedestrian forklift
further expansion of the storage paller racking

2012 – implementation of pallet storage
In the context of expansion of production and increase pre-production management requirements began gradual equipping of engineering plants of a new system of storage pallet racking and associated handling equipment.

2011 – new opportunities
Expansion of production program among other things about new line of bakery ovens and open cooperation with Swiss customer in the area of machinery for the handling of panel forming.

2010 – generational renewal of product
Successful implementation of supply "The cold end" of the new generation in the Czech glassworks.

2009 – diversification of production program to bakery industry
In 2009 was developed and then tested a new cyclothermic bakery oven (CPMP). The new product was introduced the following year to professional public at the international fair "Salima - MBK", which was held in March 2010 in Brno. In the same year have started supplies of products to our customers.

2009 – recertification of quality management system according to ISO 9001:2009
In 2009 was recetificated quality management system according to the ČSN ISO 9001:2009.


2006 – new level of management system 
To cope increasing number of order and for support for all processes was successfully implemented advanced ERP information system "Dimenze ++" and "TPV2000" to design and technology support.
This year was also established quality management system according to ISO9001:2000, which is continuously developing.

2002 - increase of production capacity  
In the new engineering plant was built big modern assembly-hall with area 1224 m2.

2001 - investments into the machinery
Due to increase quality of production, the company launched a large investments into machinery. The most important purchases of equipment in this year belongs plasma burning machine, large portal CNC and CNC machining center.

Závod 1 - historické

1999 - ensuring the company development
For ensure further growth of company was bought the spacious repair service agricultural machinery in Primetice near Znojmo, located about 800 m from the main engineering plant. Opening the second plant there was a doubling of production and storage areas, enabling the development of space-demanding production machinery and equipment.
Immediately after the purchase of a new plant was launched gradual reconstruction including build new communications.

1997 – building-up a modern production program
In this year was produced first glass annealing lehr for container glass.

1995 – cooperation for future
Established cooperation with the Belgian company Sibille Glass as a supplier of know - how in the field of cooling glass.

1994 – company floatation
The company SKLÁŘSKÉ STROJE ZNOJMO, s.r.o. was established in January 1994. Take up activities the first November 1994 privatization of the state enterprise factory SKLOSTROJ. Since then, the company began to develop intensively.

1989 – first steps toward independence
Was established  independent state enterprise SKLOSTROJ, which is excluded from the group GLASS UNION.

1987 – introduction of key products
In this year was transferred production of glass feeders from SKLOSTROJ into our company.

Závod 1 - historické

Závod 1 - historické

1974 – change of name
National company SKLÁŘSKÉ STROJÍRNY A SLÉVÁRNY was renamed to SKLOSTROJ.

1959 -  laid the foundations of the company
In Přímětice near town Znojmo was established the subsidiary of National company SKLÁŘSKÉ STROJÍRNY A SLÉVÁRNY. Both these companies were incorporated into the group GLASS UNION.


in a company with more than 60 years of tradition in engineering production, specialized not only in the supply of machines for the glass and bakery industry, but also in the custom production of parts and entire machines according to customer documentation.

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