Production possibilities of machining


  Type Size Table
CNC machining center with an additional 4 axis MCFV2080 X=2030, Y=810 , Z=810 2000x800
CNC machining centers vertical MCFV 100 X=1020, Y=600, Z=600 1000x600
  ARROW 500 X=510, Y=510, Z=510 700x520
  FGS 50 CNC X=1100, Y 500, Z=300 1200x500
Classical mills FP 20 X=3700,Y=1600, Z= 500 4000x1600
  FGU 32 X=850, Y=275, Z=420 1250x320
  FGSH 50 X=1400, Y=500, Z=500 1800x500
  FNK 25 X=800, Y=370, Z=450 1250x290
Horizontal borings WHN 10 X=1200, Y=900, Z=900 1100x1100
  WHN 9 CNC X=1212, Y=912, Z=975 1100x990
  W 100 X=1600, Y=1050, Z=1200 1000x1000
CNC turning machines TORNADO 300 X=500, ø300  
  EMCOMAT E200 X=850, ø200  
Classical turning machines SU 32 X=750, ø320  
  SV 18 RA X=1000, ø380  
  SN 40 B X=1500, ø400  
  SUI 50 X=1500, ø500  
  SUI 80 X=2000, ø520  
  SUS 80 X=5000, ø530  
Classical drilling machines   max ø80 1380x475
Horizontal slotting machine HO 63 A X=630, Y=730, Z=360 400x630
Vertical slotting machine H 320 Z=320 2255x1495
Grinders for round grinding 2 UD L=750, ø290  
  BHU 50 L=1000, ø500  
Grinders for flat grinding BPH 320A X=1000, Y=320 1000x320
  BPV 300 X=1000, Y=300  
Material cutting
Cutting on machine saws   ø290  
CNC plasma jet cutting   max tloušťka 12mm 2000x6000
CNC flame cutting   max tloušťka 200mm 2000x3000


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