Glass annealing lehr

PCHP Charakteristic of our pruduct
  • Each lehr is designed according to particular customer's requirements
  • Individual zones of the lehr work independently from each other
  • Precise regulation of working temperatures
  • Highly adaptable to production needs
  • Proportional control
  • High quality mineral insulation
  • Low consumption of the thermal energy
  • Efficiently sophisticated modular and tough construction
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • High-quality and easily removable burner
  • Easy and quick assembling of the oven
  • Long and effective service life
  • Free of charge process of cooling curves for users of our lehrs


We are based on 35 years experience in heat treatment of the glass. Until this year, we have produced more than 150 lehrs.


A Glass annealing lehr is a part of the production process needed for the manufacture of packaging, ovenware, decorative and possibly other kinds of glass. The lehr ensures controlled cooling of glassware that eliminates inner material tension.

The lehr is equipped with direct gas heating and a system of maximum/ minimum/off and by proportionally controlled cooling, or with an on - off system. Electrical heating can be supplied as an alternative.

The lehr is produced in belt width 800 ÷ 4500 mm.